French fashion house Céline has over the last ten years established it’s position as a classic luxury brand. 

Céline is with it’s minimalistic and superior design, every season creating leather bags, shoes, and accessories. Founded in 1945, the label has been re-defined as the go-to brand for a minimalist, artful approach. comments on the brand for SS18: “It’s the quality and the craftsmanship that make Céline so incredible. It’s fashion that squares the circle by being non-disposable—of the moment yet timeless.”

Stylepaste is representing a wide selection of Céline bags, ready-to-wear fashion, and accessories. In store, you find bags like Céline Luggage in black and tan calfskin alongside the classic Trio bag in several colors and sizes. Stylepaste also carries the new Clasp bag from Céline in black and other styles such as Big bag and Céline Belt bag in various sizes.

For further inquiries, please contact us at for pictures, prices or further information. For a personal consultation or questions, please contact our Céline team at 0045 86129000. Or visit the store in Denmark, Aarhus C - Studsgade 2-4.

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